Tuesday, December 21, 2010


"President McKinley told the American people that the USS Maine had been sunk in Havana Harbor by a Spanish mine. The American people, outraged by this apparent unprovoked attack, supported the Spanish American War. The Captain of the USS Maine had insisted the ship was sunk by a coal bin explosion, investigations after the war proved that such had indeed been the case. There had been no mine."

"All war is based on deception."

~ Sun Tzu, The Art of War

In our own time we have the example of 9/11 and the Iraq and Afghanistan wars...

"I suggest we need higher fidelity to reality in our public and private discourse. Most of the ill that is done in the world is centered around some lie or system of lies. Speaking of "FREEDOM", as we seem to so often do here in America, somewhere I read that the truth shall set you free."

~ Robert Dodson

America, are you proud that these acts have been committed in your name? Will this ever change? If so, please tell me how?

peAce... now!

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