Friday, December 17, 2010

airborne remote controlled robot proxy warfare

Ask yourself what it takes to remember
you know that you've heard it before
where a government lies to it people
and the county is drifting to war...

© al la Jackson Browne

Why is U.S. foreign policy to take lethal actions, on the soil of another sovereign nation, and "not acknowledge" it?

World News Blog reports that "... Two British nationals, reportedly fighting with al-Qaeda militants, have been killed in the tribal region of Pakistan, near the Afghan border. Sources in both the Pakistan Taliban and the Pakistan military have told Channel 4 News that the two men were killed in a CIA drone strike five days ago." topbop! says that is warfare waged by airborne remote controlled robot proxy. ... so -- welcome to the world manifesting bizarre side-effects of decisions allowed by a fearful and deliberately mislead population double-spoken into confusion and raised to cling to the in place and in power governing system dogmatically from the cradle. Oh and by the way our decision on this airborne remote controlled robot proxy warfare is actually being made for us, in secret from us, even though it is clear that we are doing this? ... our warlike tendencies are still like we imagine the prehistoric man. Remember the opening scene of Stanley Kubrick classic 2001 A Space Odyssey?

Watch this and consider the contrast to the experience of those inside the pickup.

so then to the question: " ... will warfare waged by airborne remote controlled robot proxy legitimize the shift to a detached cold calculating dispatch of human lives on the other side of the planet at the push of a button ? ... " what say ye America?

peAce... don't you think the time has long since arrive to try it as an option?

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