Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Butter not Guns

Stop the Permanent Militarization of America - Butter not Guns
Now is the time for real   

Dear reader, I feel compelled to issue this call to attention to our newly re-elected POTUS, Barack Obama, the esteemed members of both houses of congress, and the American people.  Today as the nation's election event is suitably celebrated or dissed, don't fall for the hyperbole. The reality of the "democratic" process is the electorate is merely treated to a spectacular show starring the candidates, the special interest groups, the PACs, the Political Parties and anyone else who can fund a media buy.  Of course, in this ever more digital age, it's all augmented, albeit at a significantly lower volume by myriad bloggers and other social media practitioners across the free space of the cyberweb.  Once in office, the "elected representative" takes his or her place in the government machinery, allegedly to attend to the needs of our common good as their values and beholdennesses dictate.  In fact they attend to another agenda entirely against the backdrop of which all that "common good" activity pales in comparison.  The reality of our governing system is that the military-industrial-congressional complex has, as Ike forewarned, become an apparently unstoppable juggernaut that shifts the frame of reference and thereby the entire net outcomes of our cities, states, countries, continents and worlds efforts toward what should be the natural pure purpose of a government - securing the common good.  The spiritual and cultural consequences, and their impact on our human attitudes towards one another and our planet, are by far most worrisome.

Follow the link to read an excellent, fair, balanced and highly informative article by Aaron B. O'Connell, an assistant professor of history at the United States Naval Academy and a Marine reserve officer -->  here


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We created Al Qaeda Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton says: "We created Al Qaeda" ...

Hillary Clinton is frank about how the United States of America created and armed Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets. Ultimately Al-Qaeda turned on their American patrons. Do we see a replay of this in Syria today, with the America supporting the Al-Qaeda linked loose coalition of militias and factions known as the 'Free Syrian Army'?

Al-Qaeda means "The Base" in Arabic, and is thought to refer to the CIA base (list) of mujahideen in Afghanistan that were being supported at the time. Osama Bin Laden was a Saudi national born to a wealthy businessman with close ties to the Saudi royalty. His mother was Syrian. He grew apart from the Saudi royal family due to Saudi facilitation of USA during the Gulf war. A great number of the 911 conspirators were Saudi.

What do you think?  Is any of this fact based?  Or not so much?

But it sure provides a different perspective on the notion of "terrorism" and "terrorist", don't you agree?

peAce ... the better option!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

the npr "cross-hairs" ...
    #npr is part of the #problem ... #beware it is the mouth of the #beast.  There,  I said it...

You are probably one of those folks who think that National Public Radio is aligned with your definition of "good" ... well guess again ...

So, do you wanna know what this is about?

                ... watch this space.

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Race of Men ©2012 Robert Dodson All Rights Reserved

The Race of Men
By Robert Dodson

Somewhere in the depths of his being,
Somehow feeling a stirring in one of those nether regions of consciousness
 We all know are there but
Somewhen can’t quite perceive clearly…
  Somewhat almost like a TV show we vaguely remember
 Was on in the other room when we came in here
 For what … Just can’t quite catch the tail of that thought
… Just can’t quite catch the tail of that thought
Don’t be distraught!

The show’s got a plot
Goes something like this
The storyline tastes so good
Thinking it feels like a brain kiss.

The characters are contestants on a game show
 Of literally galactic proportions
In the show these individuals
Meet in competition
To demonstrate their capabilities
In skillful manipulation
Of a set of remote virtual reality robotic space suits,
The contestants would engage and live through them virtual reality style, actually “possessing” them in a way from the perspective of the planets other inhabitants
 In reality these were remote bodies they could direct on a distant planet they had cultivated for the purpose of engaging in this particular pastime.
They called this planet “Earth”.

©2012 Robert Dodson
All Rights Reserved

Saturday, March 10, 2012

water, and the reality of life on this planet

If the policymakers of all the nations of the world would unite around just one theme - water - and each man women and child focused on this aspect of the reality of life on this planet, all the most significant problems faced by mankind would fade away ...

Water, is taught by thirst
by Emily Dickinson

Water, is taught by thirst.
Land—by the Oceans passed.
Transport—by throe—
Peace—by its battles told—
Love, by Memorial Mold—
Birds, by the Snow.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Adventure in Italy

Here I share some pictures from my recent Adventure in Italy ... Hope you enjoy the sights!!! peAce... topbop!

Monday, January 09, 2012

ill-gotten blues


ill-gotten blues
©2011 Robert Dodson

Wisdom is just another word for
knowing what to choose.
Knowing what isn't yours to lose
Can save you a case of ill-gotten blues.

Some want be used by you
Understepping their bounds in all they do
Others will sooner trample your face
as do anything for another of the human race?

As you strive to see who to be
seek the selfless self of he who is one as three.
As you strive to see how to be
seek the way of he who is one as three.
As you strive to see why to be
seek the cause of he who is one as three.

A clear case of mistaken mis-identification
the bellows of war round the notion of nation...
One who would be the decider, provider and yes-we-can-er...
revealed themselves as just another in the long line of liars.

I wanna know the men in the shadows and
I need to see them for who they are...
as our planet rushes headlong through changes (don't you feel it?)
the scale and scope so far beyond all we thought far beyond before.

As you strive to see where to be
seek the place of he who is one as three.
As you strive to see when to be
seek the hour of he who is one as three.
As you strive to see who to be
seek within you that which IS him who is one as three.

Wisdom is just another word for
knowing what to choose.
Knowing what isn't yours to lose
Can save you...  save you a case of ill-gotten blues.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Today I am renewed

Today I am renewed
my sorrow subdued
in all the right moods
today I am renewed

My feelings don't hurt
Smiling a good light...
I learn night and daily
my real worth on this earth

All the leaves fall down
in their time and day
love each and let them go
as you go along your way

Rejoice in the wonder of the marvelous -
and Unseen.

Leap with light
and walk with the precision of wild abandon
for tonight the night.

Right in front of your eyes
is the reason of ye reasonable good people
know ye what ye hear here
this mouth is animated
from the beyond
to your very ear.

bass place lyric excerpt [copyright 2011 Robert Dodson]