Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Butter not Guns

Stop the Permanent Militarization of America - Butter not Guns
Now is the time for real   

Dear reader, I feel compelled to issue this call to attention to our newly re-elected POTUS, Barack Obama, the esteemed members of both houses of congress, and the American people.  Today as the nation's election event is suitably celebrated or dissed, don't fall for the hyperbole. The reality of the "democratic" process is the electorate is merely treated to a spectacular show starring the candidates, the special interest groups, the PACs, the Political Parties and anyone else who can fund a media buy.  Of course, in this ever more digital age, it's all augmented, albeit at a significantly lower volume by myriad bloggers and other social media practitioners across the free space of the cyberweb.  Once in office, the "elected representative" takes his or her place in the government machinery, allegedly to attend to the needs of our common good as their values and beholdennesses dictate.  In fact they attend to another agenda entirely against the backdrop of which all that "common good" activity pales in comparison.  The reality of our governing system is that the military-industrial-congressional complex has, as Ike forewarned, become an apparently unstoppable juggernaut that shifts the frame of reference and thereby the entire net outcomes of our cities, states, countries, continents and worlds efforts toward what should be the natural pure purpose of a government - securing the common good.  The spiritual and cultural consequences, and their impact on our human attitudes towards one another and our planet, are by far most worrisome.

Follow the link to read an excellent, fair, balanced and highly informative article by Aaron B. O'Connell, an assistant professor of history at the United States Naval Academy and a Marine reserve officer -->  here


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