Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We created Al Qaeda Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton says: "We created Al Qaeda" ...

Hillary Clinton is frank about how the United States of America created and armed Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets. Ultimately Al-Qaeda turned on their American patrons. Do we see a replay of this in Syria today, with the America supporting the Al-Qaeda linked loose coalition of militias and factions known as the 'Free Syrian Army'?

Al-Qaeda means "The Base" in Arabic, and is thought to refer to the CIA base (list) of mujahideen in Afghanistan that were being supported at the time. Osama Bin Laden was a Saudi national born to a wealthy businessman with close ties to the Saudi royalty. His mother was Syrian. He grew apart from the Saudi royal family due to Saudi facilitation of USA during the Gulf war. A great number of the 911 conspirators were Saudi.

What do you think?  Is any of this fact based?  Or not so much?

But it sure provides a different perspective on the notion of "terrorism" and "terrorist", don't you agree?

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