Saturday, February 26, 2011

Has the day of accountability finally arrived?

On the notion of the analysis of the impact of what has transpired in several of the middle-east Arab countries on the Palestine - Israel peace process, one said that truth and consistency will be required of the USA to avoid the facts being known about the decades of American complicity with the dictators, and then quipped. "If the United States does not admit that Israel is an occupying power in Gaza and the West Bank, there will be no peace, you will have a process without peace. Just like the Roadmap was a Road with no Map."

CSPAN2 2:50 or so am... 2/25/2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

... tear the roof off this sucker!!!!

Believe it or not...

Our planet is controlled by a corrupt Über-class that conducts it's day to day business via a worldwide scheme perpetrated through a series of bribes, kickbacks, payoffs, favors and "gifts" exchanged between themselves. Meanwhile, they grind away at humanity with a sickening procession of "conflicts" they use to propel their military-industrial-political financial Juggernaut forward. Huge weapons contracts are negotiated with dictators, despots, autocrats and tyrants with the off-shore numbered bank accounts of "presidents", "legislators", "politicians", "diplomats", "leaders", "envoys" and "emissaries" ticking ever higher with each fighter jet, bomb, missile or anti-personnel mine shipment to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel and you-name-where-else. Lavish vacations, jewelry and assorted riches beyond what most average citizens can even imagine are handed about as tokens of appreciation for the facilitation of the graft and corrupt deals. Throw into the mix the so-called leaders of the "free world" casually looking the other way while their dictatorial partners in these crimes do whatever they want to their own people, using the very military infrastructure they have been provided with through mind-numbing "military aid packages" to the tune of billions of dollars. ... taxpayer dollars!!! They oppress non-violent protesters, beating, imprisoning and yes even killing them to silence their cries that while the dictators line their pockets and ride high, the populace subsists in abject poverty or worse. They subject their citizenry to unspeakable hardship and deny them their own freedom in determining the course of their own lives. They fail to support the individuals rights to pursue economic entrepreneurship if they are not properly connected or pay the appropriate "fees". The recent popular uprisings spreading across the middle east is directly the result of the people in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain ... finally getting access to information that sheds the disinfectant of the light of day on this entire stinking mess.

All the while the censored and ghost-written "media" keep us properly misinformed of the reality in which we exist ... and the FBI, CIA and the rest protect the criminals and attack the whistle-blowers seizing their computers at gun-point, labeling them, yes, you guessed it, "terrorists"!!!

Dear reader, prepare yourself for there is a change in the wind. Finally the truth about what has been going on for decades is beginning to emerge. Not as a single uncovered case but vast network exposing hundreds of thousands of documented examples. This is not speculation but a frightening image of this disgusting and sad state of affairs backed up by hard evidence. Think wikileaks was newsworthy? There is a new kid on the block and they appear poised to tear the roof off this sucker!!!

Are you angry? ... at least disturbed? Watch this video where a certain "leader" shows his impunity and makes a pass to revisit the scene of one of the largest crimes in history when the Air Force One backup plane buzzes skyscrapers in Manhattan. By the way, not that he has not been part of the "business as usual" program, Obama was not the "leader" on board who ordered this flight. The details of what actually was going on here have not been declassified....

Be aware, and be ready ...