Monday, April 30, 2012

The Race of Men ©2012 Robert Dodson All Rights Reserved

The Race of Men
By Robert Dodson

Somewhere in the depths of his being,
Somehow feeling a stirring in one of those nether regions of consciousness
 We all know are there but
Somewhen can’t quite perceive clearly…
  Somewhat almost like a TV show we vaguely remember
 Was on in the other room when we came in here
 For what … Just can’t quite catch the tail of that thought
… Just can’t quite catch the tail of that thought
Don’t be distraught!

The show’s got a plot
Goes something like this
The storyline tastes so good
Thinking it feels like a brain kiss.

The characters are contestants on a game show
 Of literally galactic proportions
In the show these individuals
Meet in competition
To demonstrate their capabilities
In skillful manipulation
Of a set of remote virtual reality robotic space suits,
The contestants would engage and live through them virtual reality style, actually “possessing” them in a way from the perspective of the planets other inhabitants
 In reality these were remote bodies they could direct on a distant planet they had cultivated for the purpose of engaging in this particular pastime.
They called this planet “Earth”.

©2012 Robert Dodson
All Rights Reserved