Saturday, November 18, 2006

Violence Mars PlayStation 3 Launch

Violence Mars PlayStation 3 Launch

Gunman robs Whitehall Township, PA teen

Man injured in PlayStation 3 melee

...and so on...several other examples made the news, many more probably did not...

This is a microcosm of what is really wrong across the face of our so called "civilization". The pursuit of goals, activities and objectives that are as "virtual" as the "reality" that those gamers will experience in the PS3 "world". The abstraction of existence and life itself away from the core of our real interaction with the universe and our planet... This is why we can fight wars over ideaologies, or even over a percieved "ownership" of a piece of land or its resources. The very concept of a "nation" is a virtual reality. We are a life form who find ourselves on a rock hurtling through space but we think that, for example, the end of this world will be somehow predicted by the arbitrary and virtual reality that is a calendar followed by a subset of our population. After all, if you get far enough above the surface of the planet, there is only one day.


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