Saturday, February 04, 2006

Parasites, Pollution and False Nutrition...

The avoidance of disease is an afterthought in today's medical industry...if it is considered at all. The fact is that until education and proper lifestyle choices become the central focus of health care, we will remain locked in the ever-deepening spiral of growing suffering, avoidable illnesses, unnatural deaths and record setting financial burdens that makes daily headlines. In this modern affluent country, with the level of expenditures that are purportedly targeted to the improvement of our nations health, there is no legitimate reason for our nation to experience the dire consequences of the root causes of poor health. The overwhelming majority of health problems are directly attributable to the health "axis of evil": Parasites, and the harmful bacteria and viruses that form their symbiotic ecosystem; Pollution in all its forms, from benzene, prescription drugs, air, soil and water contamination and self-pollution with alcohol, tobacco and other self-pollution, legal and otherwise; and the abominable effects of False Nutrition; a diet at best devoid of the proper natural balance of nutrients and at worse laced with harmful growth hormones, pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers. These are the reasons we become ill. The medical profession creates an entire bewildering language and complex taxonomy of illnesses and maladies that serve to obfuscate these root causes. They then devise expensive and proprietary so-called "treatments" that target the symptoms of the illnesses that ultimately arise from the evil interoperating triumvirate of Parasites, Pollution and False Nutrition... Because their techniques target symptoms, and don't address the root causes, in many cases, extensively documented time and again, these treatments actually cause more devastating effects than the illnesses they claim to ease or "cure".

What is the solution? Seek answers for yourself. End the era of blindly accepting whatever course of treatment the medical profession prescribes. Question their authority, and demand explanations devoid of jargon and gibberish that pass your own internal sense of validity. Take responsibility for your own health, because in the end, you are the one that will have to live, or die with the consequences of your choices, not your doctor.

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