Friday, February 03, 2006


I heard the other day about a young man who died after taking an overdose of DXM, an ingredient in hundreds of over the counter medications for cough suppression and cold symptom relief. Turns out this substance is an hallucinogenic when taken in high enough doses. Add to this that the American College of Chest Physicians has published guidelines for its members saying there was "no clinical evidence" they worked and you have yet another example of the pharmaceutical industry run amok. Take a look at this. No wonder health care is such a financial burden when you consider the amount of woe brought into lives due to the endless spiral of illness created by the very medical industry pretending to be attending to your health. The ancient civilization had a much better approach. At the end of the year, your doctor was paid only if you were well and in good health the entire year. In today's model, the sicker you are, the more your physician and the medical industry can make off of you. Seems to invert the incentive system from the desired outcome, doesn't it? What can you do to unplug from the health care "matrix"? Being informed is the answer. Ignorance of your own body and its needs and vulnerabilities is what makes the "learned" medical "professionals" able to perpetuate their socio-industrial juggernaut.

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