Sunday, September 06, 2009

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Sometimes a process takes time to unfold...The flame within...the flame of peAce...must burn ever brighter in our hearts. Those that die brought down by the killing machines, we mourn their loss. Is it necessary that they die this way now?

Poised at the brink of daybreak a ray of light leaps over the horizon to my eyes. It is you. My soul rushes to meet yours and we harmonize in the music of that moment and that moment alone...

Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away. - Philip K. Dick

Saturday i had this thought... earth will survive, not looking as good for humankind... As we drove over the mountains that lie between northern Nevada and northern California we saw several wildfires burning along the roadside. Fire trucks were scurrying towards several of them, along the way passing up smaller conflagrations ... Reflecting upon this, it occurred to me that the impacts on humankind of our planet's natural forces are, after all, referred to as "acts of God"... Witness the trends... massive earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, disease epidemics, and yes, raging wildfires... The planet is a single, and in a very literal sense, a living organism. It, as an organism, will survive the onslaught of the human race's ignoble pollution and outright shameful destruction. She possess mechanisms that will ultimately work to cleanse it of the malady known as humankind... and we work with earth to hasten our own demise... Rise Rainbow Warriors!!! Rise!!! peAce... topbop!

...a gentleman ( least that is Robert's intent, 100%) and warm-hearted friend...Sometimes a fool but always caring. Living and learning and loving it. What day is this and do you really care?

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peAce and BlessIngs...

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