Friday, April 11, 2008

A Message to Senator McCain...

Senator McCain asked a question on a popular professional networking site, His question was: "What is the biggest challenge America faces?"

I responded, and here is my answer:

message to Sen. McCain on linkedin: 4/11/2008

Sen. McCain, first, thanks for your service to our people and nation.

I believe that America's biggest challenge is the failure to engage in a constructive foreign policy, as opposed to a destructive foreign policy. This has created an economic drain that is clearly unsupportable, and frankly, made America less safe, rather than more safe. We need to change our attitude towards other countries, peoples, religions and thought perspectives, and embrace rather than seek to dominate and destroy them. The strength of our world is in its diversity, and the policy that America is engaged in is one of seeking to render all to follow our "democratic" style of government, which frankly we are still struggling to accomplish.

Another major problem is the faulty technology base we have fostered. Because there has been no holistic analysis of the impact of technology, pollution and depletion of non-renewables is wreaking havoc on the very fabric of the planet. So many species are going extinct and the ecosystem of the planet is in great peril. Like our foreign policy, the blind imposition of our will has run roughshod over the living organism that is the earth and these failed approaches will ultimately be our demise.

Health care is a huge issue. We have gotten that wrong as well. The third leading cause of death is the so-called "health care system" itself. Again the lack of a basic understanding that the human body is a self-correcting system and that provided proper nutrition, clean and natural water and a rational lifestyle, free of technology created pollution, health would naturally follow has led to an undernourished, over-medicated population that is doomed to grow ever sicker and more dependent of the system that is killing it. Cancer and heart disease are completely preventable and that is where the focus should be, not on curing them as those conditions are merely symptoms of the flawed approach to health followed in this country.

So the fundamental problem that America faces is lack of enlightened leadership and the flawed strategy of seeking dominance rather than cooperation, both with the peoples of this world, and the very planet itself.

With respect, Robert Dodson

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