Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rove behind McCain-Iseman story?

Let's consider the facts here, the New York Times has endorsed John McCain... so why put this flimsy tabloid attack on their front page?

We are all speculating about the real reason this story hit the presses. Only after it has had time to play itself out will its actual impact be known. In his press conference this morning, McCain did not display anger or rage, like one might expect when ones reputation has been trashed. Like some other posters have mentioned, one thing is certain... McCain is the only name on the lips of the news apparatus today. If this story had not broke, all we would be hearing about is Obama winning 11 in a row. If he is able to quash this entirely, discredit the NYT, and emerge smelling like a rose, then he will have a net lift in his campaign. Could this be a masterful Rove-ian media manipulation to get McCain into the public consciousness, clear himself, and gain mindshare?

Update - "February 22, 2008 -- John McCain yesterday quickly turned the backlash against a thinly sourced New York Times report that he had an extramarital affair into a gold mine for his campaign - using it to raise badly needed funds and rally conservatives to his side." ... Scott Reed, a longtime GOP strategist, noted, "Nothing will rally conservatives around McCain like shabby reporting from The New York Times."

- New York Post


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