Friday, December 23, 2005

What's in a name?

We all have a story to tell... Would you consider telling yours?

I have a lot to share with you. I don't have all of the motivation, and time that I would like but I can no longer take that as an excuse...I will have to create the time and let my life be my motivation.

I grew up in something of a fog. Not my internal sense of self as much as failing to perceive the disconnect between what I felt was real and what seemed to be the concerns those around me held. I had daydreams where I recollect seeing my self in a monks temple high in the mountains of some obscure remote region, and believing it to be a past-life flashback. I felt a need to work through the details of endless inventions and creations, but only to flex my mental biceps, not to render a genuine contribution. Alas the many world-changing things I could have wrought...

This was how I was then and now the time has come for me to change my ways. I want to make my art. I want to manifest my innovations. I need to sing my song and tell my story. Please join me as I work through this transformation, day by day. Perhaps, better late than never.

Oh and about the name... more on this later...

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